5 Easy Secrets to
Taking Better Photos

( even if the only camera you own is your smartphone ! )

Wouldn't it be great to take photos that are as
awesome as those you see in magazines?

Do you ever look through your photos after you take them and
wonder why you're not seeing now what you
saw and felt then?

Do you wish your images looked as appealing
as the scenes you saw?
     I hear so many stories of people who regret that their photos didn't turn out quite like what they felt and saw when they tripped the shutter. It doesn't have to be that way and I'm offering anyone who wants to learn the chance to find out how.

     My students have told me they signed up for my classes because their photos often failed to meet their expectations and they wanted to improve.
(Happily, they did improve!)

     Parents and grandparents snap candids of their kids and grandkids and then quietly wonder why theirs don’t look as good as they’d hoped.

     Folks return from vacations and sightseeing trips, and say things like, “You really should go see [insert any exotic/fun/scenic location here] for yourself ‘cause these pictures don’t do it justice.” 

     The good news, though, is that there is a simple solution. Your photography can start making a huge leap forward by using my 5 simple, easy to use secrets!   
(Psst, none of it is technical!)

     Anyone*, whether they are an aspiring amateur or someone who only wants to take better pictures for their Instagram or Facebook feeds, can take way better photos with my 5 easy-to-use, even easier-to-remember, super-simple secrets.
*Anyone with at least average learning ability.

     I call these secrets the
5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography and what’s really cool is that they apply to ANY type of photography and with ANY camera.
They work with snapshots of your kids, grandkids or pets…
whether you’re capturing portraits or posies, weddings or weathered wagons,
scenics or socials... even abstracts.
Whatever you like to shoot!

You can learn these 5 secrets in under 20 minutes!
     Whether or not you realize it yet, every time you aim your camera (no matter what kind it is), at (whatever the subject is) to take a photo, you’re making decisions on how to take the shot. This is typical “intuitive” shooting. It’s what most of us do.

     When you use the
5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography, though, you make much better decisions on how to compose your shots so that you end up with much better photos. This is “cognitive” and deliberate shooting. When we combine intuitive with cognitive, especially when it’s with someone who (like you?) has “the eye,” it’s like turning up the lights!

     How do I know the 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography will work for you? I’ve taught these same principles to some tough, show-me-the-proof skeptics and they are the ones who’ve proved they work.

     The first time I shared these secrets was when I spoke to a middle school photography class. (Think about that age group for a minute.) As I talked I showed them some photos to illustrate my points and left it at that. It was my first time sharing these concepts, so imagine how clumsy I was! Their teacher later wrote and told me that he had reviewed my ideas with them, and they wound up sweeping the top awards at a district photo competition!

     There are some articles in photography magazines and books that teach similar things. To their credit they usually do a decent job. The problem is that they’re often geared toward people who already understand a lot about the technical aspects of photography -- but you don’t always need to understand the technical stuff to take better photos. Knowing the technical side does make a difference in many situations, but with smarter cameras that keep getting smarter….  Anyhow, this is about the artistic side.
POSTING jaw-dropping photos to Instagram or Facebook!

Getting COMPLIMENTS from friends and family when they see your awesome prints displayed on your walls, or from co-workers when they see your incredible framed photos on your desk!

Having SOLID CRITERIA to quickly decide which photos have greater merit!

WINNING your 1st photo contest (and 2nd and 3rd and…) &/or having your image recognized at the state or county fair!

Being able to EXPRESS YOURSELF with a camera, making your photos say what you mean for them to say. 
(I call it being “visually articulate”)
Since photography is without doubt the fastest growing hobby on the planet, it gives you an edge to be able to explain, with authority to yourself and others, exactly why any image is more compelling or attractive than others.

The 5ive Factors are based on proven, solid, scientific principles -
not somebody’s opinion, figment of imagination or untried theory.
These principles are REAL SCIENCE APPLIED TO ART.
     Lana S. posted, "You are a natural teacher... As a teacher myself I've told my students, 'A good teacher is not the one who only knows the subject well, but the one who can make his or her students to get better.'  You...inspired me to learn and experiment, and made me feel better about what I'm doing in photography."
-- Ukrainian-born photographer and music teacher; former student

     Kathie H. wrote, "Bruce is one of the best, most perceptive instructors I've had...He possesses the innate ability to meet each student where they are with their photography."
-- former student, writing an online review

     Ernest W. wrote, “My kids have been winning the lion’s share of awards in competitions against other schools because you made [photographic composition] understandable and applicable.”
-- Teacher and photographer, reporting on the impact the 5ive Factors presentation made with his middle school students

     Amy A. said, “Thanks Bruce, I really enjoyed your class and teaching style. Can't wait for the next class.”
-- workshop student

1. reveals the single most critical ingredient to any photo.  This is the “mystery” element that makes any image worth showing off to the world (- or not).

2. explains how and why each of the 5 factors is so vitally important.

3. tells how these photographic elements happen to be so powerful.

4. contains over 40 pages of step-by-step instructions and over 40 photos illustrating how to apply each secret.

5. unwraps the behind-the-scenes unexpected central secret behind the secrets, the fundamental scientific reason these 5ive Factors are so effective.   

6. illustrates principles which actually complements any other photography courses that involves creativity and composition and helps you get more out of them! That includes workshops, seminars, books and articles, webinars, videos - you name it.
This eBook is valued at $24.95,
but for now it's
only $7 as an introductory offer.

I really don’t know how long the price will be discounted, but
you’ve got nothing to lose and much better shooting skills to gain by acting now.

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     Risk-Free Trial: I’m so sure you will see the wonderful transformation in your photos when you use these 5 easy secrets that I offer a no-questions-asked, money-back-guarantee. If you decide, after a more-than-fair 60 day trial, that it’s not worth your investment, just ask for a refund and I’ll refund your purchase price ASAP.
I can make this offer because others have proven to me - and, more importantly, to themselves - that these Secrets WORK.
     You can do what I did and spend 30 years in the field, learning by trial and error and reading everything you can on the artistic, creative, expressive side of photography...
     You can be well on your way to taking more awesome photos using the same methods that I do and all of my students who’ve come before you.

The one thing between you and amazing photographs now is just a small, risk-free $7 investment in your photographic future.
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If you act now (before my wife changes her mind) I’ll include a BONUS:
Going S-T-E-A-D-Y with Your Camera,
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"When we keep on doing what we've always done
   we'll keep on getting what we've always got".