proof that even a blind squirrel can find an acorn sometimes                                                                     
* 28 total awards were won over a nine year period. Enough. Point made.

* 19 of the 28 were earned at Annual competitions and 9 from Quarterly competitions, mostly Professional Photographers of Colorado

* 7 First Places, 7 Second Places (and the rest don't matter)

* 3 Merit Prints, each requiring a score of 80 or more, were awarded by the Professional  Photographers of America (PPA) at Annual competitions. (At this level 80 is a big deal.)

* 1 Judge's Choice, awarded by the Professional Photographers of Colorado, Annual Competition
* 1 Kodak Gallery Award, Commercial category, requiring a score of 80 or above and 1st place, in an Annual Professional Photographers of Colorado, PPA Affiliated, Judging

* 1 Best Wedding Album,  Annual PP of Colorado Judging

* 1 Seal of Approval;  requires a score of 80 or more, regional level, Rocky Mountain PPA

* 4 Accepted for Exhibition at PPA;  requires score of 70 or more, Rocky Mountain PPA
Proud to be a member and hold to the ethics of the Professional Photographers of America