BIO... on the founder, photographer, coach, author, speaker, instructor, "camera trainer extraordinaire"
Hinson has photographed in over a dozen foreign countries, some for pleasure, some for business, some for the Department of Defense.  He has been published often and won numerous awards in professional competitions at state and higher levels.  He is a devoted husband and father, enjoys backpacking and canoeing to get some of his images and continues to learn all he can about his craft.
1971, Founded The Creative Approach, a photography business.
        Riverside, CA
1974, Moved p/t business to Santa Barbara, CA to attend Brooks Institute
        School of Photography
1978, Relocated to Colorado Springs, CO, for career and lifestyle
        opportunities (wife finding, scenery, climate, backpacking & skiing)
1984 - 1986, Tried "the studio thing" in upscale location
1989, Chief of Photographic Services, Island of Diego Garcia,
        Indian Ocean

1989, named to Who's Who in Professional Photography (PPA)
1990 - 1994, Photographer, Joint National Test Facility
        ("Star Wars Project") at Schriever AFB, CO
2003, Transitioned from the "Film Age" to the "Digital Age" of
        photography and never looked back
2013, Moved to Louisville, KY for family reasons

EDUCATION, FORMAL, in no particular order
*  Brooks Institute, School of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA
*  B.A., Colorado Christian U., Colorado Springs, CO
*  Famous Photographers School, correspondence course, Westport, CT
*  Ongoing through books, audio CDs, DVDs, online tutorials,
      experimentation, etc.

SPECIALIZED TRAINING... partial listing
*  Dean Collins Seminar, Advanced Commercial & Portrait Lighting  
*  Bill MacIntosh Workshop, Executive Portraiture  
*  Donald Jack Seminar, Advanced Portraiture  
*  Numerous Kodak, et al, seminars in Commercial & Illustration
Proud to be a member and hold to the standards and ethics of the Professional Photographers of America