COACHING... instruction, teaching, obedience training for your camera (and some for you, too)
Have a goal or project in mind, where you need laser-focused instruction on just certain topics? Personalized coaching is the answer.

"I can't tell you how many times I've needed to know something right now, not later, and no book or online tutorial was specific enough.
So, been there, done that.   Let's get started!"

Tell Bruce what your goal is and he'll design a program that focuses on exactly what you need. He knows how to get you from where you are to where you want to be because he knows each step you need to take and will patiently guide you there.

Hinson has already designed programs for, plus years of experience, coaching individuals and groups on these and other topics:
Wedding Photography (after 500 weddings, anything you need to know)
Architectural or Real Estate Photography  (they're not the same)
High Dynamic Range (a.k.a. HDR)
The Manual Controls on Your Camera... When to use which F/Stop, Shutter Speed and ISO (the technical stuff made easy)
This opens up a whole new level of control and creativity for you!

Photoshop Basics... and how to fly through editing using keyboard shortcuts. 
(Saves your wrist from the therapist.)
*  Everything you need, and should want, to know about digital photography (like sizing, resolution, color correction, saturation, even how to read and use a histogram)
How to add IMPACT! to your images consistently and purposefully using his unique and proven Five Factors for Fantastic Photography
Proud to be a member and hold to the standards and ethics of the Professional Photographers of America