PUBLISHED WORK... some, not all

The Lion and the Leopard, book jacket, back cover full-length portrait of author
The Time Traveler in Old Colorado, book cover, design and photography
Redbook Magazine, editorial photo for article author
Gallery Award Winners, photo included in Kodak video
Colorado Springs City Magazine, cover photo
The Navlog, by NavPress,  three cover photos
The Da Vinci Quartet, brochure photos
Colorado Springs Symphony, brochure photos
Annual Report, The Navigators, executive portraits
Colorado Springs News and Views, cover photo
Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors Assn monthly newsletter,
      regular contributor
With these the thing I enjoyed as much as the actual photography, was that in each case, I was given total freedom to interpret them photographically.
The idea, concept or theme was given to me and it was up to my imagination (and God's inspiration) from that point on.
Da Vinci Quartet, well known around Colorado Springs
Lion and the Leopard author and book jacket designer were thrilled with this!
Theme: Dare to Care was interpreted in reverse to draw the reader in
Theme: Commitment
Time Traveler: rendered as ghost-like to match some of the short stories
Theme: Prayer
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