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There was a very capable woman, a true professional at what she did, which was sell real estate. In order to attract potential clients she would take photos of her properties, post them online and wait for the phone to ring. The phone did ring and she did a fine job of selling homes.

She had a decent digital camera and she could capture images of her projects adequately. (Isnít that about all it takes - just correctly operate a camera?) After all, being an expert in her field, she knew which photos needed to be taken. And that she did - over a hundred photos of each property so that she could pick out the 30 or so best ones. It took her several hours to shoot and then choose the best ones. That was time, of course, that could've been used doing other things.

One day, however, she realized that she should not be taking time from her area of expertise to do something - photography - that she was not as good at doing. Soon after that revelation she met a photographer who was easy to work with, affordable and highly skilled due to years of experience and training. She loved the way he did real estate photography! For example, the colors in his images almost sang and they had a snap and sparkle (without looking unnatural) that would make buyers take special notice.

Very quickly, being an intelligent person, she realized that if she could see the difference between her photos and his - so could those who were shopping for a new home.

She also appreciated that her photographer friend had a had a well thought out philosophy for real estate photography:
The purpose of the photos is simply to make people want to visit the property.  That's it.