List of 52 Awesome Tips and Hacks that Apply to Almost All Photo Genres, Mixed into the Residential RE Photography for DIY-ers eManual

Some of these are more indispensable than others.

Go ahead. Cherry-pick the ones that float your boat best!

  1. Editing digital images has a steep learning curve - be forewarned

  2. Your photography is a reflection of who you are so do your best with it

  3. No one person can possibly learn everything about photography, which makes it even more fun

  4. Photographing attractive subjects makes for better portfolios than less-than-attractive subjects

  5. Learn to think like those who will view your images

  6. Which camera is ideal as a DSLR starter and why

  7. Why it’s good to buy refurbished

  8. Why it’s smart to have an ultra-wide-angle lens in your gear bag

  9. Why UV or other clear filters are super important

  10. Why lens shades, especially those made specifically for a particular lens, belong on your lens

  11. Why a carbon-fiber tripod is better than aluminum for travel

  12. The general advantage of a pistol-grip tripod head over a ball-head with multiple knobs

  13. The time-saving efficiency of using a quick-release adapter on your tripod

  14. Why you should (maybe) buy less expensive hot-shoe mounted flashes

  15. The advantages of using a styrofoam cup on your flash unit

  16. Why it's smart to shoot in the RAW format - the short story

  17. The best Color Space to choose for most purposes

  18. Which White Balance setting is best for most purposes

  19. Which Metering Mode is best for most purposes

  20. Understand how your camera does automatic focusing

  21. Why you should set ISO before choosing any other exposure setting

  22. The Rules of Thumb for choosing an ISO

  23. How to find your lens’ “sweetest” f/stop for sharpest image resolution

  24. Choosing a Picture Style for optimal editing

  25. When your camera is on a tripod, why it’s wise to turn off your lens' vibration control

  26. “Unique sells” - it's all about visual appeal

  27. What perspective is not and the only way to change it

  28. Not all images should be cropped to the standard 2:3 aspect ratio

  29. Two schools of thought on lighting; both are valid, and which one I prefer

  30. Cheap and free photo-editing program - by name

  31. Efficient image file and folder naming, organization, saving and storage

32 – 42. Workflow hacks that one particular pro uses

43 – 52. Basic photo-editing hacks