The 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography

The 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography is offered as an eBook but is actually a mini-course of several lessons. It's a matter of read and do. Reading is merely understanding. Doing is real learning. After you've had a chance to read this beautifully illustrated gem, if you've opted-in for the free, included mini-course, you'll start receiving weekly assignments &/or augments.

Essentially, The 5ive Factors is all about putting visual emphasis where it needs to be. When we speak, we put more emphasis on certain syllables and words so that others understand us better, right? It's that same goal when we try to communicate visually, using a camera! Unless we make it clear to our viewers what we want them to pay attention to, we lose their interest because they don't understand our attempt.

There's a scientific reason these 5ive Factors are so effective. It's because they take advantage of how our eyes and minds work together. Once we understand that dynamic, we have the power to intentionally and purposefully design our images to communicate to our viewers 5x more clearly and effectively! (Please re-read that!)

These timeless principles can be used by ANYone, using ANY camera to shoot ANYthing. The 5ive Factors will also fit hand-in-glove with anything else you have learned or will learn about photography because they are that foundational. These easy to remember, easy to apply and powerful principles can be recalled and used quickly while on a shoot &/or while editing.

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