5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography               Making photography even more fun than it already is!                  

You're in love with photography and want to learn all you can about this fun and engaging way to express yourself but there seems to be no clear guidance on how to make your visual messages clear, to tell your stories powerfully. Until now.


A Mini-Course Built on an eBook

The 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography is not only an eBook, but also a mini-course that uses the eBook as a starting point. You get easy and fun assignments to help you absorb each of the 5ive Factors, plus inspirational, entertaining and informative weekly emails to enhance what you're learning and applying.

This is read-and-do, not read-and-forget. 

Using the science behind how our eyes and minds react to various visual stimuli, this eBook reverse-engineers it all to give you a concrete understanding of how to apply it to your images. Imagine being able to purposely and intentionally create photographs that grab and hold a viewer's attention! That's powerful!

Getting Personal

I've always had to know why I should do or not do something. As you can guess, that has gotten me into a ton of trouble, but it has also helped me figure out why some photos are terrific while others are just a waste of good pixels.

I've read everything I could find on this under-served but uber-essential aspect of photography and made some remarkable discoveries.


After awhile I began to wonder why it is that when certain elements of a scene were handled in certain ways, the visual and emotional appeal of the captured image would either rise or fall. 

I suspected there were reasons found in nature and culture, so I wrote an undergrad research paper on that and learned some amazing things.

The deeper I dug the better I understood. Recently, a professor friend heard about my thesis, told me he had a personal interest in that very topic and asked to read it. Sure. Why not?

After reading it he surprised me by saying that it was master's level work. Really?

This guy is a PhD, reads and grades masters' theses for a living and he tells me my paper is that good!

"Master's level?" I was stunned!

It Evolved

Later, I rewrote those thesis concepts into a student manual so that my workshop students could use it to help them understand the artistic side of photography better. Basically, it's a method of teaching  two-dimensional art in a way that is easy for anyone to understand and apply. I call it The VALID Method (tm). I was curious if regular photophiles (my students) could apply these concepts in their own recreational shooting. Week after week, their successes in applying my ideas to their assignments told me that my approach to teaching the artistic side of photography was spot on!

Then I boiled all of that down to 5 essential things that would help photographers emphasize their subjects while shooting and while editing.

The product of that "distilling" process is now known as 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography, which I now offer to you.

Once Upon a Roof

While teaching the workshops, I was asked by a reputable roofing contractor (imagine that!) to get some shots of a recent high-end job to use in a brochure. So, up on a ladder to that roof I went. Once in place, two stories up, I had a serious "doubt attack," wondering how I was going to make photos of a roof, of all things, into an attractive marketing tool. Making a roof look good was obviously not going to be as easy as a shooting spree at a botanical gardens.

Then it hit me: "Hinson, practice what you preach!" So, I quickly recalled the points I had discovered and preached on, and ended up making my client as happy as a clam at high tide.

Not Just an eBook... It's a Mini - Course!

About a week after you download your eBook, you'll receive the first of 10 weekly lessons which expand on each of the 5 factors.

Each of those will include... well, check this out... (Insert link to Sample issue here)

In Essence... 

The 5ive Factors shows you how to put visual emphasis where it needs to be. When we speak, we put more emphasis on certain syllables and words so that others understand us better, right?

Shoot with Your Heart and Your Head

Most people guess (heart) at how to take photos that grab a viewer's attention and hold it.  Maybe being a "shoot and hope" faux-tographer isn't who you are but you would like to know some specifics to sharpen your "eye." No matter how good any of us thinks we are, we can all use a tip or two... or five. If you feel your "eye" could use some tried-and-true training (head), I've got what you're looking for.

Intuition vs. Cognition

The "5ive Factors" reveals the 5 super-simple secrets that the best pros at least intuitively know and use.

It unpacks the why of what they do so that you can do it too! It's a matter of becoming aware - that is, cognitive - of what works and what doesn't.

The 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography will show anyone,

with any camera, how to shoot anything 5x better...

and then be able to explain why they made their choices!

Anybody Can Remember a 5ive Word Acronym...

It's a great feeling to be able to explain to yourself and others why an image "works." The 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography makes visual communication abundantly clear and explainable!

So often we read or hear something that makes sense but when we try to explain it to someone else the words fail us.

Remember "VALID" - critique a photo

Yes, it will take some practice to get familiar but you'll know what you're talking about and others will listen.

Based on Scientific Principles - Not Trends or Opinions
There is solid scientific evidence why these 5ive Factors are so effective: they simply make use of how our eyes and minds work together. Once we understand that dynamic, we have the power to intentionally and purposefully design our images to communicate to our viewers up to 5x more clearly and effectively!  THAT'S POWERFUL!


Works With - Not Against
These clever concepts are basics that no one else is teaching and will fit hand-in-glove with anything else you have learned or will learn about photography.

They are that foundational and that essential! 


Enjoy My Discoveries with Ease!

These easy-to-remember, easy-to-apply and powerful principles can be quickly called to mind and used while shooting and/or editing. (They were used to shoot a roof, after all.)

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The eBook, by itself, is valued at $55 USD       

the included Mini - Course is valued at $297 USD       


... but BOTH can be yours for only $27 USD       

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No - Risk Guarantee

Give it 70 days, the duration of the Mini-Course.

If you decide it's not for you,

just ask for a refund and your request

will be honored for every penny you paid.

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