About Us

Bruce Hinson, owner, camera trainer and photographer of Obedient Camera, has several passions which include:

  • Photography,
  • Coaching,
  • Teaching,
  • Writing,
  • Leading Photo Excursions, and
  • Speaking
Bruce Hinson of Obedient Camera Photography, a dba of Obedience Training for Your Camera, LLC









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Bruce has been a professional photographer and photography trainer for, well, a “few” decades.

The decades of experience and education that Bruce has received qualifies him to be, not only a greater photography trainer, but also one of the best photographers in the area.

As a result, another passion that Bruce has is to exceed your expectations, whether you’ve hired him for photography work or for training or for personal coaching.

And, yes, Hinson and his LLC are insured (with no claims to-date).