What Others Are Saying About Obedience Training for Your Camera

“You are a natural teacher. Knowledge of a subject is not all that is needed for teaching. As a teacher myself I’ve told my students, ‘A good teacher is not the one who only knows the subject well, but the one who can make his students to get better.’ You are one of those rare teachers who helped me get past my intimidation with numbers, inspired me to learn and experiment, and made me feel better about what I’m doing in photography.” — Lana S., Ukrainian-born photographer, teacher of piano and Russian language.
“Bruce Hinson is one of the best, most perceptive instructors I’ve had…. He possesses the innate ability to meet each student where they are with their photography and encourages them to meet their next personal challenge.” — Kathie H. 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography student.
“My kids have been winning the lion’s share of awards in competitions against other schools because you made [the artistic, creative side of photography] understandable and applicable.” — Ernie Wright, Teacher and Photographer, reporting on the impact the 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography presentation made with his middle school, summer session kids. (Important note: Mr. Wright reviewed the concepts with his students for the duration of his course and effectively turned it into a workshop series for them.)
“Thanks, Bruce, I really enjoyed your class and teaching style. Can’t wait for the next class.” — Amy A., Exposure Expose’ student