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FAQs for Assignment Photography

VALUE... is what you end up with. It’s a combination of product quality, client experience and price – all must be agreeable to you.

GUARANTEE – If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please tell me.  I’m your best option for making things right. When any of us goes to buy a product or service we have certain expectations and, no matter what is paid, we want those expectations met. With that understanding I treat my clients accordingly.


DELIVERY – Simple: You and I agree on the delivery date and method, then I follow through.


SECURITY – Your personal information is treated the same way I want mine treated and I place an immensely high value on both yours and mine.


DRONE –  Two of my team members are FAA certified, yet charge less than most. 


TRAVEL – Have passport, will go... wherever.  I love to travel.  Other languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and French. (Competency declines from so-so to so-what in the order given. 😊)

WHAT IS A CPP? – The Professional Photographers of America (PPA), has, to date, awarded the distinction of CERTIFIED PROFESSSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER to fewer than 2600 individuals. In Louisville, KY, for instance, out of roughly 80 self-proclaimed pros, there are only 4 who were certified as of January 2019.

Certification involves a rigorous, proctored, timed exam. If that is passed, then a portfolio of images, each demonstrating certain defined competencies, is sent to a panel of highly experienced, critical and knowledgeable judges.  If and when a portfolio passes, the applicant is then certified. To keep the certification the CPP must continue to earn substantial CEUs yearly.

This "Digital Age" certification is Hinson's 2nd. The first one came during the "Film Age," when he was one of the 1st ten in Colorado to earn it.

IMHO, CPP does not automatically make one a better photographer than anyone else. It is, however, a way for folks to know that a certified photographer has met high industry standards ethically, technically and artistically.

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