• 28 total awards were won over a nine year period in professional competitions.
  • 19 of the 28 were earned at Annual competitions and 9 from Quarterly competitions, mostly Professional Photographers of Colorado
  • 7 First Places, 7 Second Places
  • 3 Merit Prints, each requiring a score of 80 or more, were awarded by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) at Annual competitions. (At this level 80 is a big deal.)
  • 1 Judge’s Choice, awarded by the Professional Photographers of Colorado, Annual Competition* 1 Kodak Gallery Award, Commercial category, requiring a score of 80 or above and 1st place, in an Annual Professional Photographers of Colorado, PPA Affiliated, Judging
  • 1 Best Wedding Album, Annual PP of Colorado Judging
  • 1 Seal of Approval; requires a score of 80 or more, regional level, Rocky Mountain PPA
  • 4 Accepted for Exhibition at PPA; requires score of 70 or more, Rocky Mountain PPA


Proud member of the Professional Photographers of America.

   According to the PPA, fewer than 2600 of its members have chosen to go through their rigorous certification process and been awarded this distinction. On a personal note, being a CPP does not infer that s/he is a better photographer than one who is not, but it does mean s/he is a “known quantity,” a good choice.