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Once Hinson realized he wanted to be a full-time pro and what it would take to join those ranks, for two years he slogged his way through one of the toughest photography schools on the planet, ignoring the fact that he could barely afford it, even with the GI Bill, student loans and a full-time swing-shift job. (Sadly, his alma mater, Brooks Institute - School of Photography, was later sold and eventually closed.)

The first time he earned certification from the Professional Photographers of America was in the "Film Age," when cameras were dumber and photographers had to be smarter.

Later, in the Digital Age, when cameras and photographers changed places in the IQ area, he earned his CPP again. Somehow, it seemed much, much harder to earn the 2nd time.

He got his start in Real Estate photography when he and his wife decided to sell their house in Colorado Springs, CO to move closer to their kids in Louisville, KY in 2013. Combining his Architectural and Real Estate photography skills, he did a rather thorough job of shooting his own property and handed the images over to his Realtor. When it sold for $4000 over asking and in an amazing 4 days after listing - he realized that shooting for agents, investors, Airbnb hosts and others of like mind and need - just might be a good way to land in Louisville.

Recently, Bruce "smelled the coffee" and realized that he could help a lot more people by sharing what he has learned along the way.

Now, here it is: Residential Real Estate Photography for DIY-ers.