Corporate Events

You’re in charge of putting an event together and you need a photographer. I don't know how much pressure you're feeling to make sure every little detail happens as hoped, but I do know that my experience and reputation are more than adequate to ensure, photographically, you are the hero at the end of the day.

Need references? Ask for names and numbers. Need delivery PDQ? Tell me when. 


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Hundreds of events, large, small and in between are a huge part of my experience. Is your event a Charity Golf Scramble? Holiday party? Awards Banquet for top achievers? A “Grip ‘n’ Grin” to honor some leaders? Or how about a just-for-fun Team Builder on a Murder Mystery train? I’ve done them all and had a blast while getting some great shots that the organizers and attendees loved. Above are some of my more recent favorites.

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