Some of the questions that should be asked by inquiring minds

FAQs for Assignment Photography

VALUE – What you end up with. It’s a combination of product quality, client experience and price – all must be agreeable to you.

GUARANTEE – If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please tell me.  I’m your best option for making things right. When I go to buy a product or service I bring expectations and, no matter what I paid, I want those expectations met. I therefor assume that is true for anyone else and treat my clients accordingly.

DELIVERY – Simple: You and I agree on the delivery date and method, then I follow through.

SECURITY – Your personal information is treated the same way I want mine treated and I place an immensely high value on both yours and mine.

DRONE – Yes. One of my team members is FAA certified, yet charging less than most. If interested, I’ll put you in direct contact with him.

TRAVEL – Have passport, will go wherever.  Other languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and French. (Competency declines in the order given. 😊)

WHAT IS A CPP? – The Professional Photographers of America, has, to date, awarded the distinction of Certified Professional Photographer to fewer than 2600 individuals. In Louisville, KY, for instance, out of roughly 80 self-proclaimed pros, there are only 4 who are certified as of January 2019.

Certification involves passing a brain-draining exam. Then, a portfolio of images is sent to a panel of highly experienced and knowledgeable judges.  If and when a portfolio passes, the applicant is certified. To remain certified, the CPP must continue to earn CEUs.

Truth be told, re: the image submission phase, what I thought would be a “walk in the park” with my decades of experience, turned into a humbling ‘trial by fire:’ My first two attempts failed!  I even had the benefit of having been PPA certified back in the ‘Film Age.’  Obviously, the bar is higher now, which means for you that certification means a “better bet” of product and experience.

FAQs for 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography and other Obedience Training for Your Camera™ products   

WHAT ELSE COMES WITH MY PURCHASE OF THE 5IVE FACTORS? – In short, a ton of free additional material, sent by email over time, all designed to inspire, motivate and educate you in your quest to elevate your AQ  (Artistic Quotient). A partial list includes links to inspiring collections of photos by other artists, tips on how to get the most out of your purchase, additional illustrations on each of the 5ive Factors and the list goes on.

GUARANTEE – Apply the simple, common-sense principles revealed in The 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography for 60 days. If you feel it doesn’t live up to your expectations, I’ll refund your money. You would also be unsubscribed from the bonus, free additional material described above.

WHAT’S COMING NEXT? – More products are in development and will be released as soon as my perfectionistic tendencies will allow. Chief amongst them is what the 5ive Factors was “distilled” from. Yeah, it’s the 5ive Factors on steroids! It’s now a matter of re-doing it into a downloadable form.  My workshop students will recognize it as The VALID Method™.