Good friends don't let friends go into business with a lousy headshot. I can't tell your friend he or she has, uh, one that "needs serious help," but you can. You and I both know that our first impression of someone is built online, before we've even met them. If they feel more comfortable going to another photographer I'm fine with that.

Just, please, if they need it, tell your friend the truth.

HEADSHOTS  a.k.a business portraits

If you’re looking for the right place for your headshot, you’ve come to, well, the right place! Here's a sampling what I’ve been able to do for so many others. Notice how nice their skin and teeth look… after I did for them what their dermatologists and dentists didn’t do. (I'm referring, um, of course, to the portraits below.)


If you’re like a lot of other normal people, you might be rating headshots and root canals about the same.  Well, prepare to have fun and walk away with a smile on your face! 

Or maybe you’re shopping for someone else. In that case, I have a favorite saying: “Real friends don’t let friends attempt to do business with a lousy headshot.” Seriously, you’re doing someone a huge favor by helping them put their “best face forward.” When people go online to decide who they’re going to do business with, given a choice they’ll go with the person whose headshot makes them look competent and approachable. And that, my friend, is what I do – make people look like they’re the competent and approachable people they already are.

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