If you’re looking for the right place for your headshot, you’ve come to, well, the right place! Take a look at what I’ve been able to do for so many others. Notice how nice their skin and teeth look… after I did for them what their dermatologists and dentists didn’t do.

If you’re like most, you might be looking forward to having a headshot session with as much glee as going to the dentist. Well, prepare to have fun and walk away with a smile on your face!

Or maybe you’re shopping for someone else. In that case, I have a favorite saying: “Real friends don’t let friends attempt to do business with a lousy headshot.” Seriously, you’re doing someone a great favor by helping them put their “best face forward.” When people go online to decide who they’re going to do business from, given a choice they’ll go with the person whose headshot makes them look competent and approachable. And that, my friend, is what I do – make people look like they’re the competent and approachable people they already are.

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