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The Tail that Wags the Dog

Photography has a side that doesn't get as much attention as gear, exposure, focus and editing.

Yet, it's the subject, the mood or feeling, the message we want to convey that determines our choices of gear, exposure, focus and editing!

This newsletter is dedicated to that under-served side. It explores the artistic and creative aspects of our beloved passion and is designed to inspire, motivate and guide the photographer who is ready to grow in this fascinating direction.

EVERY OTHER WEEK Insights in Imaging will have a different "recipe".

Take a peek at some of the ingredients...

  • Inspirational slide shows

  • Quotes from astute photographers

  • Humor (frankly, some of it's almost funny)

  • PhotoFeedback

  • Cultivating Creativity

  • Personal photography stories from the life of the Chief Imagineer of Insights in Imaging

  • Links to other sites that cater to photographers

Join us!

Let's grow together! In fact, if you've got something to say that you think others would enjoy reading, please pass it along with your First Name, Last Initial, City and State so that we can all benefit from your insights.

If your insights are chosen, you'll get quoted!

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