2021  Derby Marketing Session Events Ordering 

Uh, this is kind of spur-of-the-moment. I've already been asked about ordering photos, something I hadn't given any thought to as one who is too-much-artist, too-little-businessman.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AS I EDIT AND POST ALL SIX EVENTS, from Cowboy Auction to our Day at the Track.

I'm aiming at posting the last event, Day at the Track, by 5 PM Monday, the 3rd.


Each image gets individual attention in the editing process, which makes things take a "tad" longer.

"Good enough... isn't." Each image is a reflection of its maker and I'm a little (hah!) OCPD in that area. More importantly, these photos are going into a printed album to be enjoyed throughout the year and will be helpful in creating enthusiasm for Derby 2022.

So, here's what my "Inspirational Princesses" (you know who  you are) suggested while sailing the mighty Ohio aboard the CQ Princess:

Ten different hi-res (printable to 12") image files for $100 (then $10 each for 11 or more).

- or - up to nine different hi-res image files for $20 each.

Let's keep this simple and easy. Just call or text me at 719-310-2131 - or email at

I'll need to know which Facebook (Fb) Album(s) your desired images are in and a brief description of each. Each event is in a separate Fb Album. If you'd rather, just call and I'll personally guide you through the process. 

If I were to set up an online process, trust me, it would take too much time away from editing and posting the photos of all 6 Derby Marketing Session events that I covered.

With a hi-resolution image, of course, you'll have licensing rights to print as many copies as your heart desires. I will also provide a lo--res copy (suitable for viewing on devices, posting to social media, etc.). 


So, you get the low--res copy for FREE of each hi--res image you purchase.

Delivery would be via email so they will be easy to download.

Please be advised that most of the images were captured at somewhat high ISOs due to the low light levels of most scenes. That makes them a tad "noisy." 

Q & A 

Q: In anticipation of 99% of questions people are too polite to ask...

A: If the question would start with "Why did you______________?" The answer is probably "artistic license." Next question?

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