Personal Coaching


Let's Start with Where You Want to Be so that we can get you there sooner than if you were on your own.


What do you want to shoot? (It's OK to use that word around here 😉)  

  • Vacations & Travel?

  • Loved ones?

  • Weddings?

  • Sports?

  • Flowers?

  • Nature? Wildlife? Scenics?

  • Photojournalism?

Whatever fires you up about using your camera - that's our target. That's what we design your Personal Coaching around. 

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to customizing a Personal Coaching program for you!

You Probably Already Knew This, but...

Knowledge of a subject, no matter how expert, doesn't also mean ability to teach that knowledge. One of my coaching mentees wrote a review for me.

She herself teaches Russian language and Piano and she said, "... (he) is one of those people who not only knows his subject, but also has the rare ability to explain things clearly." - Lana S., Colorado Springs, CO

Our initial interview should be, and is, complementary

It's where I get to know you and your goals better, you ask whatever is on your mind, and where I learn from you what you want to accomplish and where you are now

Only then do I design a path that leads to your success in photography.

FYI, one of the most basic things any photographer needs to know is when to use which f/stops, shutter speeds and ISOs. Each makes its own unique contribution to creating appealing images. I've taught this engaging, highly interactive mini-course to dozens of eager students. It's called Exposure Expose' and you will know how to use your camera's Manual Mode (as well as Aperture and Shutter Priority Modes) in fewer than 3 hours. Guaranteed.

When you click on the eOFFERINGS menu above, you'll see that there are several eBooks I've already written on various photographic topics. Forty years gives a guy plenty of time to learn about things and how to write about them in ways that are easy to absorb. The availability of these will depend on how our coaching arrangement is designed.

What a Coaching Session Looks Like

  • First, it's paced for you and your schedule. Not too fast, not too slow - it's just right.

  • You get Feedback on each of your assignments. You learn what you did well and what would have made your photo even better.

  • You keep learning new tips, techniques and methods, following the path we chart together, then...

  • You get a new assignment of what to do and how to do it. It's not too hard, not too easy - it's just right.

Between sessions I'm just a phone call away to answer questions.


So What's Your Next Step? You have options.

  1. You can call, which is best. People connect better voice-to-voice.  Please see the CONTACT menu. My number there is invisible to those pesky 'bots.

  2. You can text. This gets us aware of each other, but doesn't accomplish much more than that.

  3. You can email. This is actually slightly better than texting, but both lead to a phone call or, if local, a one-to-one visit.

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