Frankly, whether or not Forgive the SOB will be a life-changer for you depends on your life experiences and how you've dealt with them.  For most folks, this eBook will open up a very different and happier world.


I wrote this for two reasons: the first is that I myself needed  to learn its powerful lessons better and the second is because I see so much pain in the lives of others that could be eliminated by simply learning how to forgive.

Forgiving isn't easy but it's necessary - that is, if we want to live life without the acid of unforgiveness eating away at us.


Since I don't know you I can't say this book will change your life noticeably.  But I can say that if you have an "SOB" in your life, someone who has ever made you miserable, then what have you got to lose? 


So, go ahead, get it , read it and most importantly, apply it! the Code F490 when checking out to receive this eBook for FREE

Forgive the S.O.B.

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