You're in love with photography and want to learn all you can about this fun and engaging way to express yourself but there seems to be no clear guidance on how to make your visual messages clear, to tell your stories powerfully. Until now.

The 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography is not only an eBook, but also a mini-course that uses an eBook as a starting point. You get easy and fun assignments to help you absorb each of the 5ive Factors, plus inspirational, entertaining and informative weekly emails to enhance what you're learning and applying. This is read-and-do, not read-and-forget.

Using the science behind how our minds react to certain visual stimuli, this eBook reverse-engineers it all to give you a concrete understanding of how to apply it to your images. Imagine being able to purposely and intentionally create photographs that grab and hold your viewer's attention! That's powerful!

5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography

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