5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography


5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography


This full color downloadable, 46 page, publication covers the keys to creating professional quality photographic images.  The Super Simple Secrets to sensational photography are actually the 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography – the non-technical, purely creative side of photography.

Authored by Bruce Hinson, founder of Obedience Training for Your Camera.

Included with the downloadable ZIP file is a free copy of “Going S-T-E-A-D-Y With Your Camera”.  A publication on “how to aovid the shakes” with your camera.

Please Note: the download file is in ZIP format.  Zip is a compression technology that allows the packaging of multiple files into one single file known as a Zip file.   Once this file is downloaded it can be de-compressed into the individual PDF files by a Zip compression program such as this one: https://www.winzip.com/win/en/.  There are many Zip programs available on the Internet and many of them are free.


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This is the recipe for adding IMPACT to your photos!

As you add each of the 5ive Factors into your photos, you will increase their appeal, both to the eye and the heart of your viewers.

As your photography improves, using the 5ive Factors, the message or feeling you’re trying to convey will be understood better and felt deeper. It works because it makes use of how we’re all wired from the womb. It’s guaranteed because countless photographers before you have used it to add impact, clarity and appeal to their images.

If you’re passionate about photography, or know someone who is, and interested in kicking your photography skills up by about 5 levels, keep reading. Since photography is without question the most popular hobby on planet earth, the odds are tremendous that you know someone who loves it more than food and air (almost). Get them a copy and watch the transformation in their image-making!

Have you ever wondered why some images are marvelously magnificent while others are merely mediocre? Imagine the powerful effect on your photography once you know why that is! The 5ive Factors of Fantastic Photography uncovers that little mystery in under 30 minutes.

Practically anyone, with any camera, will shoot anything with up to 5 times more IMPACT when using the easy to understand, common sense secrets found in this entertaining ebook.

(Psst: None of it is technical!)

Which would you rather have, 100 “pretty good” photos of a great vacation or 25 that rate a10 on the Awesome Meter? Good news – you don’t have to choose. You can have both! Reality: not everything that should be captured on pixels is gonna pass muster on the Awesome Meter, but knowing how to squeeze the best you can out of more scenes is more likely to get your photos loved by more people – including yourself.

About Bruce Hinson

Bruce Hinson is the founder of Obedience Training for Your Camera™ of Louisville, KY. Before moving there from Colorado Springs, CO, to be closer to his “younger Hinsons,” he freelanced and taught photography. He is very much a dedicated, family-oriented man, who also loves God, camping, canoeing and (of course) cameras.

Hinson has a breadth and depth of practical experience that reaches all the way back to the “Film Age” as he calls it. All through the years, however, he has had a calling to share some special “revelations” about the creative and artistic side of photography to anyone who wants to learn and grow as an artist. This ebook is one expression of that.

He still does professional assignments, but his major focus is on creating educational products for photographers at all levels. The 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography is his 2nd book, but 1st ebook.

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