Residential Real Estate Photography for DIY-ers

the eManual you wouldn't think a pro would write

"Better photos earn better prices and faster sales."

Lauren W., Real Estate Investor, Louisville, KY

"When (Bruce) writes about aspects of photos shot by amateurs, it's like he's been browsing my image folders! After reading his book, I know what to do better now... the tip on how to 'de-yellow' photos shot under artificial lighting - that's priceless. Though I have shot photos for houses that did sell, I'm now wondering if they would have sold faster or for more money if I had shot them using tips I have just learned."

Carl A., RE Photographer, Louisville, KY

"Bruce has taken his many years of professional photography experience and condensed it down into an ebook that can help the DIY types get from point A to point B on their real estate images. It... lays a foundation that you can build on...."

An Epiphany

Just before telling the world about this game-changing eManual, I suddenly wondered how many tips about photography in general I happened to have inserted in these pages. As I re-read the book with pencil in hand I found a whopping 52!

Yes, fifty-two helpful hacks that are super-handy to know,

regardless of what kind of photography anyone does!

                        Want to take a quick peek? JUST CLICK HERE.          

A Bit about the Author... (curious?)

 I must have inherited the photographer gene, it's in my DNA and I was obviously wired this way in the womb. I didn't figure that out, though, until I was in the Navy, seeing places and doing things I wanted to share with friends and family back home. That was when I bought my first SLR and fell hopelessly in love with photography.

MORE (but only for the truly curious)


This is the eManual that DIY-ers of Residential Real Estate Photography

wouldn't think a pro would write!

 If you identify with any of the below, you might be leaving money on the table if you're not using at least some of this eManual's advice.

Are you...

  • an Investor?

  • an Agent or Broker?

  • an Airbnb Host?

  • a Landlady or Landlord?

  • just breaking into pro photography?

  • a Property Manager?

  • a Pro Photographer adding a new skill set?  

Questions Answered - and More... a Sampling

  • How does a buyer think when looking at RE photos? (Hint: not like you and me. See page 8.)

  • Which shots should nobody take?

  • What gear does this pro use, why, and what are their costs?  Go to page 11 for the whole list.

  • Which camera settings to use and why

  • My personal, after-the-shoot workflow from file naming, to storage, all the way through editing to upload (delivery)

  • Why I'm sharing any of this with people who are going to, essentially, compete with me

  • When editing, how much should you tweak a setting? 

  • My not-so-carefully-guarded "Secret Sauce" for quickly controlling unwanted color is spelled out on pages 40 - 41.

  • The free and low-cost photo-editing apps he uses

Some Choice Quotes Found in the eManual

"Shoot like Santa, edit like Scrooge." (yes, I tell you what that means and why it's important.)

"Real estate photographs have just one goal...." (If you don't know this, you're wasting perfectly good pixels.)

"Capturing an image is like one of the two rails your 'image train' needs to get to its destination. Editing is the other." (This you've got to read!)

Just for Grins & Giggles

Let's suppose you think at least one of your friends or associates ought to have their very own copy of this game-changer eManual. Let's further suppose that, out of your concern for him or her you share the link to this page. 

Well, I've got something for you. 

It's called Refer a Friend, Reap a Reward 

You're curious. Go ahead click it. It won't bite. I promise!

Frankly speaking...

Don't you just hate it when somebody says you said something you know that you did not and would not say? Yet it happens all the time and this is my feeble attempt to avoid that kind of confusion.

What this eManual is not:

  • It's not a camera manual, but it does help you make the right camera-setting choices.

  • It's not a complete, all-you-need-to-know textbook on how to edit, but it does get you started right. (That book does not exist and, IMHO, never will.)  

  • It is also no substitute for making wise, on-the-site decisions while shooting, but it does go a long way toward keeping you from making unwise decisions.

Bottom Line and the Naked Truth

Right now, 2021, just about any level of RE photography will often do.

It's a seller's market. Houses are getting snapped up pronto.

Your images don't have to be pro level - now... yet.


The market's going to change and this is the time to improve your photography skills.

Soon enough your images are going to be seen by buyers

next to those done by more skilled photographers. 

Then, your photographic skills are going to make more of a difference.

Improve them now, at your pace.

RE Photography for DIY-ers is under-valued at $54.

Yet, it will save you hundreds - if not thousands of dollars. 

However, you're more likely to click the SAVE NOW button if it's $27.

So, that's what it is if you use the Coupon Code "KREIA27" at checkout.

So, just click the SAVE NOW button and be glad

you got started taking way better Real Estate photos sooner than later.

Just One Other Thing...

Let's suppose you download this gem, read it through to the end and, for whatever reason, have 2nd thoughts. Well, I'll be left scratching my head about how that could possibly happen, but I'll also refund every dime you paid without a hassle.

Fair enough?

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