Real Estate Photography

My photos get your property sold sooner

and for more money.

Getting Inside the Shoppers' Heads

People these days are scanning the web for a house in a particular area, with certain features, within a defined price range. When they see more than one house that meets their criteria they go into comparison mode and naturally favor the one with the best-looking photos.

OK, think of it like this: Great looking photos are, essentially, "online curb appeal." They shape the attitude that shoppers have before they step inside.

Their time, like yours, is valuable and they’re going to call the seller whose house has the photos with the best visual appeal.

It's my job to make sure they see photos that show them the features they’re looking for and I do it in ways that compel them to call you – not the other seller.

Sellers Need Photos "Yesterday" - Not "Whenever"

When a client (you?) calls me to schedule a residential shoot, at least 90% of the time they (you?) could use the photos now.  I get it.  So, whatever I can do to adjust my schedule to deliver ASAP – I do it.

Often, not always, if I shoot in the morning I can deliver MLS-ready images by 5 PM.

Watch this 3 minute video of a house that sold in 4 days for $4000 over market comps in 2013              CLICK HERE

I Treat Your Listing As If It Were Mine

Each shot is thoughtfully composed, then custom edited, with online viewers in mind because your property needs to stand out from the rest in their minds. That’s what guides me.

Complimentary, Indispensable Pre-Shoot Checklist 

Many owner-occupants are unaware of what would hinder the sale of  their home photographically. I provide you with my Pre-Shoot Checklist of items they might never think of that will give you and them a competitive edge. 

Online shoppers can be turned off by things most sellers might not think twice about. They're all covered in my checklist. There are also security concerns that it alerts you to. This free, indispensable tool will be sent to you right after you call me so that you can send it to your client, making you look even more professional!

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