When a client (you?) calls to schedule a residential property shoot, at least 90% of the time they (you?) needed the photos yesterday.  I get it.  So, whatever I can do to adjust my schedule to deliver ASAP – I do it. Often, not always, if I shoot in the morning I can deliver by the end of the day.

Each shot is thoughtfully composed, then custom edited, with online viewers in mind because your property needs to stand out from the rest in their minds. That’s what guides me.

Since many seller-occupants are unaware of which things would hinder the sale of  their home photographically, I provide a checklist of items they might never think of that will give you and them a competitive advantage. No online shopper is impressed with tangled garden hoses, distracting computer cords, missing or mismatched light bulbs (and that’s just for starters). This list is ready to send to you so that you can send it to your new seller-client – and it makes you look even more professional!